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Things You Need to Know About Addiction and AlcoholismThings You Need to Know About Addiction and Alcoholism

  1. What is Addiction and Alcoholism?

Addictions and alcoholism are primary deadly diseases in need of urgent treatment. By primary here is meant addiction and alcoholism are not caused by the events of life for example, sickness, deaths, divorce, poverty, depression. It is actually the other way around. Addictions and alcoholism cause sickness, deaths, divorce, poverty and depression among other things.

Addiction is a word mainly associated with the taking of illegal drugs and substances but it is also used in relation to eating disorders for example food addiction and Georgia alumni program. Alcoholic is the term used to define a person who is addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction is sometimes used to describe the condition suffered by alcoholics but primarily it is known as alcoholism.

  1. What is an Addict?

An addict is a person who has lost control of the substance they are using and cannot stop taking a particular prescription drug, street drug, alcohol or certain types of food for example sugar.

The addict or alcoholic is totally dependent on their drug of choice and needs it to survive, that is they have to use it or they will become very ill and in some cases may even die. As a result of this need the addict and alcoholic will put themselves and others at great risk to get the fix they need. Isolation, fear, terror, loneliness, confusion and bewilderment are but some of the symptoms of addiction.

This is very different from someone who uses or abuses drugs and Georgia alumni program

The user or abuser uses drugs or alcohol for recreation and enjoyment but may never become addicted to the substance. The addict will be filled with shame, guilt and remorse every time they use, get high or drunk while other users and abusers of the same drug may be quite happy to get high or drunk.

There are many other addictions that can prove totally destructive if left untreated for example gambling but the few mentioned will give you some idea of what an addict is and the pain and suffering of the addict as well as all those connected to the addict.

  1. Twelve Step Fellowships

Probably the most widely known and successful treatments available to care for addicts, alcoholics and all those affected by these illnesses are the many different Twelve Step Fellowships. Among them are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA). Al Anon is an example of a twelve step fellowship available for spouses and concerned persons of alcoholics.

All these fellowships provide essential care for both the recovering addict or alcoholic and also their families

  1. Treatment Centres

There are also many drug free Treatment Centres available for the treatment of addiction and alcoholism these centres generally base their treatment programs on the Twelve Step Programs mentioned above.

In a treatment centre the addict or alcoholic is introduced to therapy which will involve group and individual sessions. The period of time in one of these treatment centres varies and can be up to six weeks long or longer after which the now recovering addict or alcoholic will participate in aftercare. After leaving a treatment centre they will then usually continue with their recovery by joining one or more of the twelve step fellowships. In some cases a time in a detoxificationcentre may be needed.

  1. Does Treatment Work



Yes is the short answer. The twelve step fellowships have been tried and tested over a seventy year period and proven to be one of the best forms of treatment for recovering addicts and alcoholics if they are to have long term contented recovery. The members of theseanonymous fellowships simply come together to share their experiences and hopes so that they may all recover from the horrors of addiction and alcoholism.

Treatment Centres also have a very good record and are an excellent way to kick start recovery. Probably the best way to ensure continued recovery is to combine the Therapy of a Treatment Centre including Aftercare with one or more of the Twelve Step Fellowships.

Any recovering addict or alcoholic who is willing to practise a twelve program to the best of their ability will enjoy a full recovery from any addiction and alcoholism and need never use or drink alcohol again.